50 Shades of Red Online Interactive Exhibition

"50 Shades of Red" Art Competition called for artists worldwide, from March to April 2021, to share their artworks where the dominant colour present is a shade of red.


"Red is one of the most visible colours in the colour spectrum - and its ability to instantly grab people's attention is the reason why it's often used to warn people of impending danger. Red is the colour of passion, of love, of  energy, of action - it's warm, it's fire, it's powerful. It's Red."

The Artist Lounge is proud to announce the semi-finalists of our "50 Shades of Red" Art Competition, now part of our Online Exhibition below. Our talented artists come from all around the world - 25 different countries - and the collection of their artworks is a piece of art on itself. We welcome you all to this fantastic journey:​

(Loading time can take up to a couple of minutes. Please wait at least a minute before starting the exhibition to allow for it to fully load.)