The Artist Lounge - Artist of The Year Prize

The Artist Lounge is calling for entries for its FIRST EVER Artist of The Year Competition - including up to 15 AWARDS in different categories and more. The competition gives artists across the world the opportunity to showcase their work, participate in a unique virtual exhibition, participate in a group exhibition, win awards and cash prizes: AND WE WANT TO SEE YOUR WORK!


Category Awards:


  • Global Artist of The Year

  • Wild Life

  • Portrait

  • Landscape

  • Abstract

  • Gothic

  • Satire / Comedy

  • Nude

  • Botanical / Floral

  • Pet Portrait

  • Sculpture

  • Film / Video

  • Digital Art

  • Senior Talent (65 years old +)

  • Young Talent (Up to 18 years old)

 All visual art mediums welcome. No theme restriction: apply with your best work, show us what you've got!

Competition Terms and Eligibility

Please carefully read our rules and procedures before applying:

- Entries must follow competition theme specified above to qualify for selection;
- Entry fees are non-refundable;
- Each entry allows the artist to submit 1 artwork. Artists may enter more than once, as there is no limit to the number of entries that an artist can submit;
- Image size should be less than 7 MB in JPG format;
- Only the artwork should be visible, clear and in focus. Please crop out any background in the images;
- Images should be original work created by the artist applying;

- All visual mediums welcome (oil, acrylics, watercolor, mixed media, resin, alcohol ink, sculpture, digital art, video, etc);

- All artists applying agree to have their images and information provided in our website, social media and promotional material related to this art competition.


- Artist must be 12 years old or older to apply;

- International competition - all countries are welcome to apply.

Prizes and Awards

104 Shortlisted Semi-finalist Artists (8 from each category):

- Receive digital "Semi Finalist Exhibition Certificate";

- Participate in an Online Exhibition (interactive virtual gallery);

- All Semifinalists will be featured in the 2rd Edition of our Art Magazine.

28 Finalists (2 from each award category below):

- Receive digital "Finalist Participation Certificate" and their own category award certificate (1st and 2nd places).

- It will have a full feature (mini interview) in our blog AND IN OUR PRINTED MAGAZINE.

- 1st place of each category to be invited to a group exhibition.

- Categories are:

Best Wild life,

Best Portrait,

Best Landscape,

Best Abstract,

Best Gothic,

Best Satire/Comedy,

Best Nude,

Best Botanical/Floral,

Best Pet Portrait,

Best Sculpture,

Best Video/Film,

Best Digital Art,

Best Global Theme.

Global Winner (Artist of The Year):

- Receive £500 cash prize;

- Receive digital  "Artist Lounge Artist of The Year Certificate";

- Participate in an interview and have full blog article published on our website AND OUR MAGAZINE.

Young Talent Award (artists younger than 18 years old qualify):

- Receive digital and Printed "Young Award Certificate";

- Participate in an interview and have full blog article published on our website.

Senior Talent Award (artists over 65 years old qualify):

- Receive digital and printed "Senior Award Certificate";

- Participate in an interview and have full blog article published on our website.


  • Open Applications: 18th of June to 31st of July.

  • Announcement of shortlisted Artworks for Online Exhibition: 18th of August.

  • Online Exhibition: From 18th of August to 18th of December.

  • Announcement of finalists: 1st of September.

  • Announcement of winner and awards: 15th of September 2021.

Exhibition Fee

Application Fee: £8 per entry.

Application Form

Upload Image

After clicking on "Proceed to Application Fee Payment", please wait until your image is uploaded in our system. It can take few seconds to a couple of minutes depending on your internet connection. Don't click on anything while waiting, as any click will restart the whole uploading process.

Once image is uploaded, this website will redirect you to a "Thank You" page, and will receive an email confirmation.

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