"In the History" Art Exhibition

"Through history we can learn how past societies, systems and ideologies were built, how they changed, and how their influence molded humanity to create what we are now. History is more than old tales and stories written down in books. History is part of everything, and our today will one day be history."

The Artist Lounge is proud to announce the finalists of "In the History" Art Competition - and their fantastic work that will be exhibited at King House Gallery, in Stratford-Upon-Avon, United Kingdom:

Anna Dalzell, with the artwork ''The Thinker on Pink''

Anna Meszaros, with the artwork ''Mona 11.20-A-004''

Arati Reddy-Devlin, with the artwork ''iQueen''

Carol Foulger, with the artwork ''Patriarchy''

Carole Pugh, with the artwork ''Forget me not''

Caroline Pigden, with the artwork ''Waiting Game''

Damian Tremlett, with the artwork ''Freak Show II''

Honor McGregor, with the artwork ''The Fight''

Imogen Morris, with the artwork ''Frida Kahlo''

Jill Desborough, with the artwork ''Dance Macabre 2''

Kevin Macallister, with the artwork ''Bric-a-brac of the Menage''

Michael May, with the artwork ''The Nazareno''

Nataliia Makina, with the artwork ''Portrait of Lou Andreas''

Pav Szymanski, with the artwork ''Haitian Girl''

Robyn Deasy, with the artwork ''Catherine The Great''

Siouxsie Wild, with the artwork ''Anne Boleyn in the Tower''

Opening Day Event: 31st of July (Saturday)

PUBLIC free access, from 10am to 5pm. No booking required.

From 11am to 3pm: Live Music (Violinist), Sweets (Chocolate truffles) and Professional Photographer.


Final Day: 7th of August (Saturday)

PUBLIC free access event, from 10am to 5pm. No booking required.


Private View Appointment: From 2nd to 6th of August.

BOOKING REQUIRED. Please book your timeslot below.

Book Viewing (2nd to 6th of August)