In the Wild Online Interactive Exhibition

In the Wild Art Competition called for artists worldwide, from February to April 2021, to share their artwork related to nature, from plants to animals, and everything wild in between. 


"In the wild you find what mankind should treasure the most. You see life, you feel fresh, you hear roars. It's nature on its finest form, on its original form, on its own skin. It's raw and beautiful - every single element of its composition."

The Artist Lounge is proud to announce the semi-finalists of our "In the Wild" Art Competition, now part of our Online Exhibition below. Our talented artists come from all around the world - 28 different countries - and that shows in their expression of wildness. We welcome you all to this fantastic journey:​

(Loading time can take up to a couple of minutes. Please wait at least a minute before starting the exhibition to allow for it to fully load.)