Ida-Anamaria: Young and Talented!

Hello Ida-Anamaria! Congratulations again on receiving the "Young Talent Award" on "50 Shades of Red" International Art Competition. What led to the inspiration behind your award-winning painting?

My award-winning painting “The Tree of Life” represents a crucial point in my personal development as it is the first painting which has been done in this style. Initially I wanted to create something geometric and use both colourful and monochromatic layers. While the painting was assembling, I had in mind that I must find a way to bring together all my ways of creating as I have different approaches, so I have started to cut all my previous works and randomly place them on paper. I was interested in all the visual effects that I might get, bringing together dynamism, energy, symbols, colours, contrasts, and mythology based on the knowledge about “The Tree of Life” Deep down, I was looking for a way to make the transition from two-dimensional to three-dimensional. The piece represents a journey of self-discovery and observation of the potential that any work can have. I wanted to let the piece unfold without thinking how to make it look beautiful. It gained its beauty because I trusted the process from the beginning till the end. Gradually, all the pieces have materialized and transformed giving birth to a work that continues to amaze me with its complexity and vibration.

Amazing. Tell us more about you! When did you start painting and how is painting part of your life?

Painting has always been part of my life. Ever since I was little, the first thing I did when I got to kindergarten was to grab a piece of paper and some colours and start spreading my creativity on it. Later, it had become a form of relaxation, of disconnection that made me happy, at that time I did not think that I would pursue a career in this field. When I got to the point of deciding about my professional future, I looked back at the walls of my room that were full of drawings and paintings or handmade things and I realized that whatever it was, a career that allows me to do what I love and express my creativity is what I need and that is how I got to the University of Northampton studying Painting and Drawing! At first, I had been nervous knowing that all my artistic experience was made up of what I had done on my own during high school and over time, but I met some extraordinary teachers and colleagues who supported and encouraged me to show my talent in its purest form. Now, I cannot be more grateful for all the events that brought me to my current position.

And what inspires you - and defines your artistic style?

I am extremely inspired by beauty and creative people in general and I do try to structure my works based on personal experiences and new things learned, while keeping my innate tendencies to draw freely. Once, I have been told by a great friend and teacher to always remember my roots because it represents my own way of artistic expression, this being the reason why I try to keep my innate style as close as possible. I would describe my art as a cultural journey, designed with colours and patterns, that guides the audience through spirals and mazes to other imaginative dimensions, which, through the emancipation of line, illustrates form as an external expression of an invisible inner world. In the correct light, “A line is an energy, and it borrows its strength from the energy of the one who draws it.”- Henry van de Velde. I feel like this quote truly expresses how powerful our marks are and how do they define ourselves, our energy. I am mainly interested in intense colours and patterns that can resonate with my feelings as I have always tended to create free-flowing forms which were mixed with saturated colours, and sometimes monochromatic depictions through the shape of ornamental art, which is rooted not only in the decorative, but also in the mythical, ritual, and spiritual.

This might be the reason why I do decorate everything that surrounds me, from my bedroom to the studio and so on. The special effect that is created by combining vivid colours with a dizzying complexity of the patterns is, in fact, a beautiful image that stands out with a lot of dynamism, movement and its own ability to hypnotize the viewer with its labyrinthine designs. I would say that my dominant style is Maximalism where “more is more”. Maximalism lets colour, shapes, tone, and texture to do the talking, encouraging the utilization of space in the boldest way possible. Due to Its ornate nature, Maximalist style might be the best description of my artworks but all of them are abstract and psychedelic as well. This style allows my personality and experiences to shine through much more easily and it helps me to fill up all the available space within a room in such a way that even if it looks overloaded, there is still some sort of order that makes me feel comfortable.

All considered, what is your favourite medium and favourite thematic?

My favourite medium is mixed-medium usually on Fabriano paper or large-scale canvases. It offers me a great variety of possibilities through which I can experiment as much as I can and want to. I am a playful person, I do experiment with everything that surrounds me, sometimes I do feel like a chemist or scientist as I try out new mixtures to create something out of nothing. I am interested in the digital because it represents an interesting way of transforming the physical artworks into digital. It opens new horizons for the “Traditional”. Both digital and traditional go well together. My favourite thematic might be placed in the Mythology. I do research a lot to find new, exciting things, as we all know “Knowledge is power” and knowledge inspires artists in general. Legends or symbols from different cultures help me to generate new artworks, as I do combine them with artistic movements so that in the end, I have an artwork that stands out with a lot of visual effects and meanings, being unique and, sometimes, visceral.

And what are your future artistic plans/ what are you working on right now?

I have just finished my second year so I will have a lot of projects to work on in the foreseeable future as I will start my 3rd year at the University of Northampton. It sounds so exciting to work together with my colleagues to prepare our Degree Show for the next year! I would like to collaborate with galleries if possible, during this final year of Undergraduate Studies and I would like to go further, following Postgraduate Studies. Right now, I am working in the Expanded Field, exploring Three-Dimensional as this is the area that has been fascinating me for over a year. Everything that I do generate now explores this topic. I am also interested in the Automatic Drawing and all the psychology that lies behind it.

Is there anything you have learnt that has helped you as an artist that you could share?

Ever since I have started this journey in the world of Fine Arts, everything that I have been learning from my teachers I have applied in my art. I think that a very good piece of advice that deserves to be shared is to listen carefully to people with vision because they will only teach you useful things. Attention to details is a key feature of an artist along with a genuine interest for people and high-quality knowledge. The most important thing though, is to believe in yourself and your potential, always make your mark visible and be kind towards everything and everyone around you. Inspiration is all around us, we must be eager to see it and the passion for Art is in us, we just have to release it and give it a wonderful shape. People are not just one thing; they are complicated and complex and multifaceted, and Art offers us the chance to show how beautiful this complexity is. I would like to conclude this phrase with a quote by Jackson Pollock: “Every good painter paints what he is.”

Ida-Anamaria, we thank you very much for your participation in the competition and for sharing your thoughts with us! We can't wait to see more of your work, and we wish you all the best in your very promising art career.