Nadia Alting von Geusau - 2020 Art Competition Winner

In 2020, Nadia applied to the 2020 Art Competition with her artwork "The Pretenders". The competition had over 500 applicants from over 41 different countries, and due to Covid related lockdown and local restrictions, it took nearly 6 months from the applications to its final exhibition at King House Gallery in Stratford-Upon-Avon.

From the 12th to 24th of April 2021, the 2020 Art Exhibition with all 2020 Art Competition finalists was open to the public - and Nadia's work was definitely one of people's favorite. On the 24th of April, Nadia's artwork was selected as the big winner - and now we want to know more!

Nadia, thank you for your time to have this chat with us! How was the experience of applying for the competition and the resulting process like for you?

The whole experience of the competition was really amazing! My friends kept telling me to send my work to competitions, so I found this competition while I was researching for competitions to apply for and I saw that the 2020 theme fit perfectly with ‘The Pretenders’. The build up of the competition from the semi-finals to the finals was really well organised and the team at The Artist Lounge were always so positive, inspiring and helpful throughout. It felt really special to be part of this competition. And then I never ever dreamt that I would win it! So the whole process has been nothing but rewarding.

That's great to hear! It's not a secret that your winning artwork got people talking. What was the inspiration behind your painting "The Pretenders"?

The inspiration behind ‘The Pretenders’, came from a build up of ideas. It actually began in my last year of school when I started painting political satire (my first piece involving David Cameron and Nigel Farage), and from then afterwards I always wanted to continue painting satire but never found the time and inspiration to start another satirical project. Then lockdown came March 2020 and I was put on furlough from my work, so suddenly and unexpectedly I had so much time to paint again which was amazing. From this free time and some brainstorming, the ideas for ‘The Pretender’ started to come together.