Ranjit Sagoo - "In the Wild" Art Competition Runner Up

Hello Ranjit! Congratulations again on winning 2nd place at the "In the Wild" International Art Competition. What led to the inspiration behind your award-winning painting?

‘Stalker’ was part of a 6-piece series entitled “Predator/Prey”. The concept behind series was an exploration of this natural conflict of predator versus prey. There is a persistent battle of wit and nerve; physical strength and speed in this ‘fight or flight’ moment, and it is occurring all the time in nature. I wanted to simultaneously capture the emotions and behaviours in the moments leading up to the confrontation.

The reflection of the prey in the eye of the predator was the perfect way to illustrate both sides of this ensuing conflict. The image had to be on a large-scale in order to capture the sense of realism. Drawing a macroscopic, detailed eye of the predator brings a sense of closeness to the predator so that one can see and feel it’s intentions. The large-scale also allowed the reflection to capture the detail in the expression of the prey giving the viewer an understanding of both opposing sides of the conflict.

Tell us more about you. When did you start painting and how is painting part of your life?

I have always loved art and design and was naturally quite good at school. I did very well at both Art and Graphic Design GCSE, but after this I pursued a career in medicine. This obviously left little time to continue art with any real intention but whenever I could, I continued to draw and sketch.

I am now a full-time NHS doctor working in General Practice. Working 5 days a week doesn’t leave much spare time, alongside family-life, for art. However, in the last few years I made a conscious decision that if I seriously wanted to pursue art as a career that I would have to make time. So now I fit my artwork into evenings, early mornings and weekends, around my other obligations.

I have found art has brought a lot of balance for me. General Practice is a very demanding job, none more-so than during the pandemic, so art has been a place of tranquillity and retreat. I can get lost in artwork for hours without realising it.