Previous Art Competitions

2020 International Art Competition



Nadia Alting von Geusau, with the artwork "The Pretenders"

Nadia is a 23 year old aspiring artist living between the UK and Netherlands. Being put on furlough during the 1st lockdown allowed her to devote her time to her true passion of painting and explore her interest in political satire paintings - "The Pretenders" being the result.



Barbara Porczyńska, with the artwork "Untamed Fears"

Barbara is an incredibly talented artist from Poland, has participated in over 70 exhibitions, won numerous art prizes and awards, and also has her own documentary film "Mamalarka". Her artwork "Untamed Fears" was inspired by how she felt during the start of the Covid pandemic in 2020.

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Seasons International Art Competition

Siobhan Duggan.jpg


Siobhan Duggan, with the artwork "The Gearagh Month By Month"

Siobhan Duggan is a designer and painter living and working in Co. Cork in Ireland.Her work is concerned with capturing the light and atmosphere in nature. Siobhan studied Graphic Design in Limerick College of Art & Design in Ireland. She uses oils and watercolours and more recently enjoys using pastel for her landscape work.

Emily Kenton-01.jpg


Emily Kenton, with the artwork "Seasons of Love"

Emily is a 22 years old artist, currently studying Illustration at Leeds Arts University. When creating artwork around the theme 'Seasons', she wanted to explore the role natures seasons play in a relationship and consider the phrase 'Seasons of Love'. I digitally painted two images I had taken and layered together. A sunrise in winter and a sunset in summer.

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In the Wild International Art Competition

Emma Towers-Evans_The Head of the King.jpeg


Emma Towers-Evans, with the artwork "The Head of The King"

Emma Towers-Evans is a self-taught portrait artist from the Black Country currently based in Eastleigh. She has always been fascinated and greatly inspired by the natural world, and therefore for much of her life has turned her attention to photographing, drawing and painting animals. In recent years Emma has concentrated on studying portraiture, and since refining her hyperreal rendering techniques under the guidance of Dirk Dzimirsky in 2017, she has focussed entirely on hyperrealism in pencil.

Ranjit Sagoo_Stalker.jpg


Ranjit Sagoo, with the artwork "Stalker"

Ranjit Singh Sagoo from Birmingham, England, is a self-taught, contemporary, realist artist. Although he has always had an innate talent for drawing and an eye for composition, life chose a different career path for him. Now a doctor serving his local community, his daily art requires a stethoscope and a keen understanding of the human body and mind.

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